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ICES - Coma Tool

ICES Coma Tool (old)

The guiding philosophy for the ICES tools is that we want to do good science, while at the same time providing easy to use tools to access our high quality model results. The ICES tools gives users access to model results from several state-of-the-art cometary models in either and easy to use web based interface or through a powerful command line tool. The intent is provide the comet community with access to results from a comprehensive set of models of the cometary Coma and Nucleus, ranging from the sub-surface out to the interaction with the solar wind and covering dust, gas and plasma phases.

Our initial target comet is 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko with specific application to the Rosetta mission. Our intent is that the tools will be useful for mission and science planning as well as for data interpretation. They will be expanded to include other comets as time and resources permit.

Directions: 1) Choose a Model; 2) Choose what case you'd like to run against; 3) Enter your Trajectory data; 4) Push the Run Model button and wait for your results!


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